Guildford Flames V Dundee Stars – 06/11/2022

On the 6th of November, the Guildford Spectrum played host to the Guildford Flames against the Dundee Stars. Arriving early at the arena proved to be a mistake, the concessions weren’t open once we were allowed in. Also, standing confused around the rink for about 20 minutes without any music or entertainment, we were made to jump when the music roared into action and the tannoy announcer started! For an EIHL game, the on-ice section of the arena could really do with a bit more going on!     

In this game with the two teams at opposing ends of the table, many home supporters felt that it would be an easy win, while the dedicated travelling fans clearly held a slight nervousness about the game ahead.

The game started with the expansive and precise play that we have come to expect from the Flames. The home fans were quick to reward the play with applause, helping to create a fantastic atmosphere. 


The first goal was scored in the 4th minute by Daniel Tedesco, who linked up with Tait and Ferguson well. The Dundee Stars dug in for the rest of the period, with some fine defensive work preventing further goals. In the 19th minute, the Guildford Flames lost Kyle Locke due to a slashing penalty, with the Stars carrying a lot of momentum, the break came at the right time for the Flames. 

After the break, it took the Stars just under 4 minutes to equalise. A fantastically worked goal by Toms Rutkis gave the Dundee Stars hope. The team’s morale improved greatly. Sadly for the Stars, the Guildford Flames responded just 5 minutes later. Three well-worked goals by Griffiths, McNulty and Ferguson respectively seemed to destroy the confidence created by the Stars in the early part of the period. 

The final period seemed to be a complete role reversal of the first. The Dundee Stars developed an accurate and efficient attacking strategy and it was the turn of the Guildford Flames to desperately fight to keep them at bay. The Stars finally got their reward in the form of a goal in the 48th minute. A feeling of tension ushered over the game, the Stars clearly felt a comeback was possible. Sensing the threat, the home fans cheered and shouted encouragement at their team, this only further increased the atmosphere in the arena. 

In the 51st minute, the tension proved to be too much for Carter Folk of the Dundee Stars and Kyle Locke of the Guildford Flames. The gloves came off and the referees stood by as the two players traded punches. Thankfully nobody was injured and both players received a 5-minute penalty for fighting. 

Despite the fighting, the game continued without much else to mention. The Dundee Stars pulled the goalie in order to desperately get some points on the board. But this proved to be ineffectual. 

The game ended at 4 – 2 to the Guildford Flames, despite the efficiency of the home team, the Stars probably left the ice feeling that they should have gotten more from the game. 

Once again a fine game of ice hockey at the Guildford Spectrum with the Flames demonstrating yet again why they are at the top of the league. 

If you want to head to a Guilford Flames game, you can check out their website here. Also, if you’d like to learn more about the Dundee Stars, feel free to check them out on this link

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