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Guildford Flames are an ice hockey team that currently plays in the EIHL, the highest level of ice hockey in the United Kingdom. 

The club was founded in 1992 by Barry Dow and Bill Hurley. And played its first season at the Alexandra Palace in London, while waiting for the completion of its current home, the Guildford Spectrum. 

The Guildford Flames played its first game in October 1992 in the old English League Division One. 

After some frustration due to delayed completion, Guildford Flames its first game at their permanent home, the Guildford Spectrum on the 23rd of January 1993. A home win was seen as a great achievement, with Andy Sparks scoring the first goal. The lift of eventually playing at the Spectrum helped to maintain the momentum. Guildford Flames stayed top of the league for the remainder of the season. 

In February 2017, the Guildford Flames excitedly confirmed that they would be stepping up into the EIHL. The opportunity of pitting themselves against the United Kingdom’s best teams excited the fans. The league expansion has proved to be a major success so far, with ice hockey generally growing in popularity since the inaugural season in 2003. 

The Flames’ first few seasons in the EIHL were considered encouraging. After a few mid-table finishes and finishing runner-up to the Belfast Giants in the Challenge Cup, the fans were growing ever more optimistic about the future of the Guildford Flames with the EIHL competitions.  

Despite not winning anything since joining the EIHL, there are very few fans who would disagree with joining the league. The quality of games has increased and the Flames look to be consolidating the experience of the last few seasons. Currently top of the league (4th November 2022) many of the fans feel that silverware is just around the corner. 

Historically, the Guildford Flames have been Regular Season Champions 6 times, won playoff championships 5 times and won Premier Cups 5 times. With that level of success over such a short period of time, many EIHL fans single out the Guildford Flames as a team to watch for the future. 

Strong attendance and location close to London mean that they are able to attract a high standard of foreign import players. Players such as Alex Yuill and Sam Marklund were acquired in the off-seasons 2020 and 2022. 

To get more information about the Guildford Flames or to book tickets click on the link here.  The Guildford Flames currently play in the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) for more information about the league, teams and matches, click the link here


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