Guildford Flames V Sheffield Steelers – 30/10/2022

On the 30th of October, Guildford Flames welcomed the Sheffield Steelers to the Guildford Spectrum. With the Flames riding high at the top of the league and the Steelers hot on their tails, the atmosphere was electric. The dimming of the lights just before the face-off only helped to increase the dramatics. 

As the Steelers first took to the ice, the good showing of Steelers fans made their voices heard. Then it was the turn of the Flames fans to voice their support, over 1,500 fans roared as the home team entered the rink. The atmosphere for the match was set.    

The first period started extremely well for the Flames, with Sam Marklund and Sam O’Connor both bagging goals within the first 14 minutes of open play. The flames finished the first period two goals up, and the Steelers left the rink looking extremely demoralised.

The break was a perfect opportunity for a wander, while the teams went off for team talks. One of the main benefits of the Guildford Spectrum is the sheer range of activities under one roof. A quick wander reveals a plethora of places to warm up before the second period began. A quick amble through the bowling lane before returning to the standing area behind one of the goals was a perfect way to get ready for the action. It must be said that the Flames really could do with a little more on-ice entertainment between periods. The Glasgow Clan’s dancing cow really does show the Guildford Flames up a bit!  

The second period seemed to be a slightly more cagey affair. The Steelers started to develop a foothold in the game. Which only helped them to increase their confidence. 


Brett Ferguson and Ian McNulty both received 2 minutes in the box for hooking and slashing respectively. Despite the power plays the Sheffield Steelers were unable to push forward and find the required goals to close the gap. 

In the 33rd minute, Daniel Tedesco scored a screamer, with Ferguson and Frei assisting. 

Sheffield Steelers received a penalty for hooking by Adam Raška. It looked as though the Guildford Flames could bang in another goal, despite this the Sheffield Steelers countered, a short-handed goal scored by Daniel Ciampini in the 38th minute. At this moment, the momentum created by the Guildford Flames appeared to be lost. As the period ended, it was the turn of the Flames to leave the ice demoralised. 

Within the first few moments, Adam Raška added to his tally, linking up well with Pitule and McNally. With this early goal, the tempo of the game was set. 

A minute later, it was Sebastien Piche’s turn to put the puck in the net, with help from Petgrave and a previous goal scorer, Ciampini. This power-play goal inflamed the Guildford Flames Fans even more. The atmosphere around the rink brooded.  

In the 51st minute, Sheffield Steelers smashed home another goal off the stick of Brendan Connolly. As the away fans cheered, the home fans erupted in anger. The Sheffield Steelers had come from three goals down, to win it.

The final period was a real treat for the Sheffield Steelers fans. The increase in aggression and tempo made it a joy to watch for the neutral spectators too. A massive six, 2-minute penalties were dished out to both teams. Many Flames fans questioned some of the decisions made by the referees, leaving a rather plump lady next to me to dub the Steelers fans as, “Dirty, stinking Steelers!” After a few moments, she then headed to the away fans, stating she was off to “sort them out.” Thankfully for the visiting fans, by the time she arrived at the away section, she appeared to have lost interest in such retribution. And simply stood by them silently until the final whistle blew.   

My visit to the Guildford Spectrum to watch Guildford Flames V Sheffield Steelers was a real EIHL classic. The atmosphere was great and the play was end to end. While the entertainment during the breaks could be worked on, the sheer skill of both teams was a joy to behold. 

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Should you wish to visit to the Utilita Arena Sheffield, check out the Sheffield Steelers website here.

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